Richard Branson says don't lock up drug takers

Richard Branson, the millionaire Virgin group owner told MP's today to change the law and stop locking up drug takers. He said the policy had failed the country and the people and not stopped drug taking (which includes many harmless clubbers). The businessman said Britain was spending more money than any other country in Europe on fighting drug taking but still had the highest use. Previously Richard Branson had admitted to taking cannabis himself and he certainly has his finger more on the pulse than the average politician. Good on you Richard for standing up for something you believe in. Maybe parliament will listen to you, as they certainly don't listen to otherwise law abiding ravers.

In other news today Professional Nut the ex head of the drug advisory council said that rules on the use of magic mushrooms and ecstasy should be relaxed so it was not a criminal offence to take as both drugs had many possible beneficial properties and could be used successfully to treat people with depression.

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