The Classic Signs of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Different drugs affect the body in different ways but the symptoms of addiction are exactly the same regardless of drug-type. As drugs gain more control over the body and mind, and as they exert more control over an individual's life, the journey which begins as substance abuse transforms into drug addiction. Because of their biased perspective, it is all too common for the unfortunate person experiencing this process to deny the enormity of their problem. Whether it is for you or for someone you care for, familiarize yourself with the common signs and symptoms of drug abuse and addiction to determine if a problem exists.

Drug abuse is how an addiction begins. Following are the signs that will tell you that abuse is taking place. Is the person in question disregarding their responsibilities at home, work or school? Poor performance at work and at school and the neglect of family members are clear signs of this. Is drug use causing problems with the law? Examples include driving while intoxicated, stealing to support the habit or being arrested for causing trouble while high. Are drugs causing problems with close relationships? Fighting with a spouse, partner or relatives, a discontented boss at work and losing good friends are examples.

Drug abuse is bad but it gets much worse when it turns into a full-scale addiction. Here are the signs to look for: When more of a drug needs to be consumed to feel the same physical effects that smaller amounts used to achieve then a drug tolerance has been formed. An increasing drug tolerance is a classic sign of addiction. Another classic sign is when a user needs to consume drugs to avoid experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms like nauseousness, insomnia, and feelings of restlessness, anxiousness and depression. Also, when much time is spent, not just using drugs, but thinking about them, planning to obtain them and recovering from them then the situation has taken a major turn for the worse. Is the person in question using more drugs than planned or do they feel powerless to stop using? Are once-enjoyed activities such as socializing with friends and family, the pursuit of hobbies and enjoying life in general becoming abandoned? The final sign is when the user continues to consume drugs despite the fact that they know they're being hurt by them. All of these are signs that an addiction is present.

Whether it is you or someone you love, the first step to solve a drug problem is to admit that one exists. Taking this step requires guts but every addict is capable of this. It is crucial to know that, no matter what, a successful recovery is always attainable. Don't attempt to recover alone. Find support among family members, friends, people who share your spiritual faith, recovered drug addicts, therapists and rehabilitation providers. Recovery is so much easier when you have someone who can comfort you and encourage you. You, or your loved one, can still enjoy a fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol. It's never too late!

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